60W Moving Head Beam Light
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Product name: LED condenser shook his head lamp 60 w

Type: QT- 002

Technical parameters

Voltage: AC110/120 v or 200/240 v frequency: 50-60 hz

Total power: 100 w

Source: high brightness high power white LED 60 w.

Colour: a color plate, 7 kinds of color + white light

Design: a pattern plate, with pattern rotating, 6 kinds of replaceable rotating pattern sheet + white light, design wheel can be reversible

X axis: horizontal rotating maximum Angle 540 °

Y: vertical rotating maximum Angle 255 °

Stroboscopic: 1-20 times/SEC, optional choose stroboscopic speed by arrive slow fast

Dimming: electronic dimming 0% - 100%, and the optical Angle 12 ℃

Channel: 14 DMX channel

Control mode: DMX control, master-slave control and music voice control.

Focus: manual focus

Packing size: 380 x 340 x 435 mm

Net volume: 11.4 kg weight: 13.1 kg

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